An update from Young Leader Connor Cheshire

On Monday the 12th of May I attended a meeting in City Park Glasgow with Scott Ewan.
We are both Young Leaders – myself from Glasgow Action For Children and Scott from Aberdeen Foyer.

connor cheshire bp young leaders

We spent the day working with Dame Kelly Holmes Trust athletes Theo Spalding McIntosh and Craig Heap, as well as Dylan from Inspiring Scotland in Edinburgh. We talked about us as young people on the BP Young Leaders Programme 2014, our roles and responsibilities and our behaviour during and in preparing for the Games.
We also discussed the dos and don’ts, as well as making a few strict, but for the best, suggested ground rules and ideas which I am sure other Young Leaders and workers will be discussing. We spoke about practical issues such as who to contact if you are going to be late or have lost/damaged your voluntary clothing as well as the need for emergency contact numbers for certain scenarios during the Games.
We discussed what we can do for our free time if you have a certain amount of time off, such as seeing friends or visiting family and going site seeing or shopping.

We were joined by other workers who were also meeting that day and we were asked to tell them our views, opinions and suggestions about being a Young Leader.
As Young Leaders we got the chance to discuss ground rules, ideas and suggestions of how we will represent ourselves and represent our whole BP Young Leaders Programme 2014 team during the Commonwealth Games.
Looking forward to seeing you all again. Not long ’till the Games now. Hope you are as excited as me!

Connor Cheshire
Young Leader
Action For Children


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