Young Leader Zabih reports on his cycle leadership training!

photo 5

Hi all, this is Zabih reporting! Had a great time completing the bike leadership and learned a few things about bikes which I did not know before. When we first arrived at the location we all introduced ourselves and had a chat about what we have been up to recently.

photo 16

We then went on and learned some bike checks which help us ensure our bikes are safe for riding, and these checks were really simple but effective. After this we got on our bikes and learned some signals for when riding on the road and we also learned how to ride as a group on the road. At this moment we were all really tired so it was time for a lunch break.

photo 28

After lunch we were all given an activity each, which we had to plan and then deliver to the rest of the group. All the activities were really enjoyable and everybody delivered their activity really well, and after this the great day came to an end. Apart from being really fun the day also helped me to develop some valuable skills such leadership and teamwork, and it was also a confidence booster for me.

I would like to thank everybody who was there and made it a great experience and I would also like to thank all those who organised it!

The training took place in Edinburgh on 15th April and was organised in Partnership with Youth Scotland and CTC The National Cycling Charity.

The Training was certificated and its full title is CTC Bike Club Cycle Leader Youth Training.


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