Young Leader Zabih reports on his cycle leadership training!

photo 5

Hi all, this is Zabih reporting! Had a great time completing the bike leadership and learned a few things about bikes which I did not know before. When we first arrived at the location we all introduced ourselves and had a chat about what we have been up to recently.

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We then went on and learned some bike checks which help us ensure our bikes are safe for riding, and these checks were really simple but effective. After this we got on our bikes and learned some signals for when riding on the road and we also learned how to ride as a group on the road. At this moment we were all really tired so it was time for a lunch break.

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After lunch we were all given an activity each, which we had to plan and then deliver to the rest of the group. All the activities were really enjoyable and everybody delivered their activity really well, and after this the great day came to an end. Apart from being really fun the day also helped me to develop some valuable skills such leadership and teamwork, and it was also a confidence booster for me.

I would like to thank everybody who was there and made it a great experience and I would also like to thank all those who organised it!

The training took place in Edinburgh on 15th April and was organised in Partnership with Youth Scotland and CTC The National Cycling Charity.

The Training was certificated and its full title is CTC Bike Club Cycle Leader Youth Training.


The athlete team in the Shetland Islands


Last weekend Craig Heap, Andy Burns, Keith Cook, Patrick Dawson, Jade Nimmo and Frania Gillen-Buchert spent the weekend in the Shetlands as part of he BP Young leaders Programme 2014 and had a brilliant time. Craig ran a gymnastics sessions on the Saturday and supported the athlete team on the Sunday. Craig said: “We were looked after so well and great to mix with everyone from the Island. Below is what the team thought…”

Jade Nimmo

Jade Nimmo

“Travelling to and from the Shetlands both landings were a bit bumpy compared to how smooth the weekend events ran. Everyone contributed and it was a fun event for all. As soon as I arrived we were looked after well and seeing the fantastic venues the kids have access to was just fantastic. Day one I felt I stretched myself and delivered a good opening speech for the sports conference and set a really good mood for the day. Being well prepared and enthusiastic with the kids made me smile and they looked like they were having a great time, trying lots of new sports. You could see the excitement on their faces. Only thing that stopped us from using the full 400m athletics track was the weather but all kids still showed lots of determination and hard work when inside doing the long jump and triple jump. All six of us athlete mentors shared responsibilities with the delivery of the games and workshops on day two and all supported each other with set up and telling our stories to very inspired characters. All engrossed in the activities and full with questions. Being able to work with around 150 young people and all be able to try 23 different workshops was just amazing and a one off opportunity. The event was supported by many sponsors and I feel all kids left with a big smile on their faces and feeling more confident along with myself too.”

Patrick Dawson

patrick dawson

“It was really good to see the kids from Shetland Islands interacting with the BP Young Leaders and also get a chance to try some of the sports that the other mentors do! Andy (Burns) and I had a lot of fun delivering a session about communication and mental toughness. You can tell the Young Leaders are really becoming of friends and becoming more confident in everything they do!”

Andy Burns


I went to the Shetland Islands with a great team of athlete mentors (Jade, Patrick, Frania and Keith) led by a ball of energy known as Craig Heap to deliver a fun packed weekend of activities. We all led on a section of the weekend and pushed ourselves outside our own comfort zones, Patrick and I got to run a workshop on communication and mental toughness which went really well. I really enjoyed listening to the other athlete stories and got involved in some of the taster sessions. I think I missed my calling as a fencer (maybe not) and there was real atmosphere of enjoyment for all. I hope everyone got something out of the weekend, I know I did and can’t wait for our next delivery day.

“It’s a dream come true!” Three Young Leaders chosen as Baton Bearers for the Commonwealth Games

BP - Getting young lives on track.

Three young people who are taking part in the BP Young Leaders Programme 2014 have been chosen as Baton Bearers for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, it was revealed yesterday!

Denzel Darku, Tricia Scott and Zabih Siddiqi received the letter and the post and could hardly believe their eyes. Denzel said: “For me I was really excited. It shows that all the hard work I’ve done for my community is being recognised and I feel honoured to have this opportunity to carry the Queen’s Baton. It’s a dream come true for me.”

Congratulations to all three!

GB Fencer Claire Bennett on the programme so far

BP - Getting young lives on track.

“The BP Young Leaders Programme 2014 has been a great success so far. With the excitement of the Commonwealth Games building and the programme in full-swing, the Young Leaders are set to have a fantastic summer ahead of them. Last month the Young Leaders attended a training weekend to prepare them for their roles as Games-makers and volunteers at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. This is the second time that we have come together as a group for training and it was great to see so much confidence and enthusiasm in the room. The Young Leaders should all be very proud of what they have achieved so far on the programme. They have gained in many skills such as, public speaking, interview skills, confidence, group working and meeting new people, and I am sure that they will gain much more along the way. Bring on the Games!”

Claire Bennett, GB Foil Fencer.

Some photos from training event last month:

BP - Getting young lives on track. BP - Getting young lives on track. BP - Getting young lives on track. BP - Getting young lives on track. BP - Getting young lives on track. BP - Getting young lives on track.