FARE Mini Commonwealth Games – Thank You!

Laurene Sports Leader with Denzel, Zabih, Dominika, Sidi & Kimberly

A massive thank you to Jimmy and all staff and volunteers at FARE for supporting our Young Leaders from Action For Children who are involved in the BP Young Leaders Programme 2014.

By enabling them to volunteer at the Emirates Arena for the Mini Commonwealth Games on 24th February, FARE have greatly assisted these young people with both their Community Sports Leadership Award and with their Young Leaders Programme Community Involvement aspect.

The event itself was just fantastic and the response from the school children was 100% full on.

All credit to your staff who’s fun and energy was highly infectious.

On behalf of myself and my colleague Julia from Action For Children, our colleague Laurene from Sports Leaders UK  and our Young Leaders themselves, a massive thank you.

Many regards and best wishes for the future,









And of course, Adele and Paddy, who are not only BP Young Leaders, but young Youth Workers at FARE.

Jackie Adams

Action For Children

Project Worker



BP Young Leaders Programme 2014 athlete mentor Jade Nimmo blogs about her experience at the Mini Commonwealth Games Day in Glasgow

Jade Nimmo is one of the athlete mentors working on the BP Young Leaders Programme 2014, and here she blogs about another event she was part of recently, in the run oup to the Commonwealth Games

Jade Nimmo

“From the minute I walked into the Emirates arena I knew that the kids would just fill the stands with excitement. I could even see the excitement on their faces and it gave me goosebumps as it brought back lots of good memories from starting out in sport from as young as them at primary school through to high school experiences of being on the school basketball team to athletics for sports day.

When they all gathered at the side of the track for their parade round with last years’ winners at the front in yellow bibs the noise was just incredible. In total 970 kids well 971 including me! The kids were all doing something they were interested in and were very well behaved. They kept the kids entertained all day and dancing getting everyone involved. They were extremely enthusiastic and were all great role models.

The chance to have a venue like this the year if the games I hard to come by!  All schools were proud and all smiling and dancing in the stands between events. The kids were having a great time and this was a special event and wished they done this when I was at school.

Each school had a turn at each different athletics event, from shot putt to the 200m sprint. Some were scoring and some non scoring events and I spotted a few talented kids in the sprints and jumping events. Watching them smile while running round the full 200m track…. I have no doubt that there will be a few great athletes that develop from this programme but mostly just well rounded people and it was a absolute pleasure to be asked to officially open the games and meet some real characters that make Fare a real inspirational trust. I have already asked to come along again next year to help out because I loved it so much.”


The event was organised by charity FARE

International Judoka Theo Spalding-McIntosh blogs about Young Leaders in Glasgow


This week will be my second visit to the BP Young Leaders Programme 2014, having visited almost all of the Young Leader groups and it has been incredible to see their individual and collective journeys thus far.

I find the first day is always the biggest stretch for the young people – a new group of personalities, new athletes and a new venue create an environment of nervous excitement. It is almost like recreating the fight or flight reflex before competition. It’s really interesting to see this from the other side but also experience it at the same time. I doubt the young people realise that the athletes get nervous too, and this is often the first bit of common ground that we share with them.

The BP Young Leaders Programme 2014 is about the journey the young people take over the course of two years, however it is also a journey for each of the athletes involved. The athletes will all experience the difference they are able to make to the young people as well as the difference the young people will make to them. The Glasgow group I visited had been working with Sarah Clark, an athlete I know fairly well. It was great to not only to hear all the positive things they had to say about Sarah but also witness the communication and problem-solving skills she had been working on with them in action. It epitomised what they are becoming and the name of the programme: Young Leaders.

The next few months will be very interesting for the guys on the programme, and I can’t wait to see how much everyone is able to take from it.