Young Leaders from Edinburgh and Falkirk celebrate completing a community sports leadership award

A group of seven Young Leaders taking part in the BP Young Leaders Programme 2014, who are from Edinburgh and Falkirk, have been celebrating the completion of 32 hours of training for their Community Sports Leadership Level 2 Award.  This course, run by Sports Leaders UK, has taught the group how to develop their confidence, improve their communication skills and work as part of a team to deliver and promote sports sessions to younger children.

Young Leader Adele, 17, said: “Sports Leadership has really helped my confidence and I have learnt a lot more about health and fitness.  It’s also been great to meet new people”.

As well as 32 hours of training, the Young Leaders, who joined via delivery partner Action For Children, also have to deliver 10 hours of sports and/or activity  in the community.  They have already accumulated a few hours by putting together two sports sessions for a group of 12 primary school children.  The Young Leaders had to plan each session so that they included a warm up, a skills game, a main game and a cool down.  The kids loved it so much they asked if it was on the following Friday!

19 year old Young Leader Michael said: “The course was a really great experience and I would recommend other people to do it”.  


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