Scottish long jumper Jade Nimmo blogs about her experience in Glasgow

Jade Nimmo

I was invited to the young leader interviews in Glasgow on 15 November, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I have to say it exceeded any of my expectations. All athlete mentors arrived for 9am to welcome the young leaders – some had big smilles and others seemed a little apprehensive – but we made them feel welcome. I noticed a few familiar faces from the team building day in Linlithgow with the Action for Children group. It was a good chance to find out what they had been up to since the last time we had met, and nice that some of the girls were asking me how my winter training was going.

While waiting for the young leaders to come out from their interviews, the first boy came out looking relived. He was saying how nervous he was and the interviewer had asked “why he was sitting on his hands?” His reason being that his mum told him to because he is such a big fidget!. I found this hilarious because my mum is always saying the exact same thing to my younger brother Taylor.

I found the whole day extremely rewarding, seeing the young leaders smiling and working together. It was a great day filled with lots of activities and laughs and overall it went very well with  everyone pitching in. Can’t wait to meet everyone again next time!


Sean, a potential “Young Leader”, blogs about the interviews in Glasgow

“I was invited to Glasgow to be interviewed to be part of the BP Young Leaders Programme 2014.  I felt nervous initially due to the amount of people who were going to be there and was unsure of exactly what was going to happen once I was there.  However, when I got there I was made to feel very welcome by everyone which made me feel more comfortable and confident and helped make the experience easier.   One of the activities made me think a lot more about my own community and that I would like to be involved in making changes within it.  Some of the things the athletes said inspired me to aim higher in life as after being there I feel as if I can do anything I put my mind to if I work hard at it.  I am looking forward to hearing whether I will be given the chance to be a part of this as I feel that it could potentially make a large impact on my life, and me as a person for the better.  If I was to be successful I guarantee that I will put in 110% effort in order to gain and contribute as much out of the experience as I can.  P.S thanks for the food!”

Sean attended the BP Young Leaders Programme 2014 interview with Aberdeen Foyer.

GB judo athlete Andy Burns and the BP Young Leaders Programme 2014

Andy Burns

“I was invited to be an athlete mentor at the young leaders interviews in Glasgow on 15 November, and can’t express how much I enjoyed (and learned) from the experience. One particular story from one of our young leaders really sticks in my mind.

We were discussing and coming up with solutions for issues within our local communities, and one girl suggested that providing first aid training would help. I questioned this as it seemed a little outside of the box.

She told me that while on the bus recently, a man keeled over having a heart attack. Her instinct and first aid training took over and she jumped up and tried to save him, delivering 25 rounds of CPR and calling the ambulance while everyone around her just sat and watched.

The man died, but this story demonstrates the impact our young leaders can have on society, and why programmes like this need not only to continue, but increase in number.

It was great to speak to young people about their current aims and aspirations, and see that some of them had similar background to mine in Glasgow.

The day was pretty special and I really hope that everyone is successful in their job applications and are rewarded for all their hard work, with an opportunity to experience Glasgow 2014 as volunteers.”